Monday, March 15, 2010


First week back at uni I felt so inspired, second week in I didn't want to pick up a camera or pencil. I guess that explains my lack of posting.

This week my creative block is improving gradually. Here are some images I shot for my Art Practice Photography class, very experimental; they're trying to get us to loosen up and focus on the process of image making rather than the outcome.
What I did was bury negatives in my garden for a week (being the morbid kind of girl I am) enduring wind, rain, sun etc, unearth them and scan the negatives.
I admit it was painful to destroy my negatives! but I'm quite pleased with the result.

Mirror/Mirror modeling agency shots are still on the way! I have a day off, maybe I'll post them later.

au revoir x

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  1. these photographs are so wonderful! specially the first one. Buring the negatives is such a creative idea!
    (It might look like I'm a photographer by my profile pic, but I'm not - I have no talents at all and am so impressed by those who have!).